Yell-o nailpolish

did she know? she got a sticker stuck on her,

in a box with labels pressed to hips.
they read a sign on her forehead
in bright orange sharpie scribble
did you know? or you imagined?

yellow nail polish on fingertips and toes.
even as paint flakes where paint cracks…
messy dry dribbles on toe tips
speak out bright loudness in yell-o

tears… despite smudges of eyeliner smearing
crying out speaking
drawing lines on eye lids
dulled shades of dark. shades of sad.
shades of thoughts.

echoes resounding
screams bouncing
on the afro, nail polish, tear smudges.

pent up breath explodes
release me
release. let be

and you, with raised eyebrows and crinkled lips
shrink mignon!

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11 thoughts on “Yell-o nailpolish

  1. beeCha! beeCha!
    *snaps fingers*
    guess lately you just wanna exclaim your you-ness ’cause im noticing the trend. it is liberating isnt it, to finally be able to be your own main lover. i think im almost there too, seems like the sun never sets there.

  2. ha! indeed the sun never sets there…it’s curious — i’m finding identity underlying a lot of issues…
    it’s like i got a lot i wanna say about it — but its so jumbled and so much, can’t really articulate it…

  3. errm… well,

    “The truth knocks on the door and you say, go away, I’m looking for the truth, and it goes away. Puzzling.”

    – Robert Pirsig



    isti… after a couple of rounds of active listening to the files in the archive (link above), if any angebgaby impressions/thoughts are left with you, hit me at the address below. I would value the input.


  4. Thanks for accepting the offer… And just to clarify, the quote from Pirsig (look him up… quite a work he has done) is something that struck a chord in me recently… And your post sparked that thought in me… especially with your concerns you voiced regarding “identity” (“God!” is the only word/thought/concept I can think of right now that is harder to chop up!) …
    But Pirsig’s words will make sense I think if you find yourself inclined to agree with some of the suggestions in the file I’ve linked to…

    I think the viewpoint advanced in this work belongs in that special category of human thought which every literate, educated human being whose efforts/circumstances have raised above the struggle for basic survival needs to sacrifice some time for to think about, discuss, and ponder at great length…

    In my case, I faced certain difficulties trying to put some parts into context… or how to sustain the relevance I felt some of the assertions had while re-seated in my ‘normal’ Ethiopian-ness (as opposed to that of a free-range spirit when under…influences)

    I wanted to get a fellow Ethiopian’s viewpoint on it. And since you expressed your mental tigil with the concept of identity… I thought this would be highly relevant to your inquiry as well. Not in any conventional way, mind you… but in a sort of wiggly, topsy-turvy sort of way….

    Although I’ve been mildly familiar with most of the assertions here for some time, a new look with fresh eyes and from that ‘separated’ state of being in a foreign land, seems to have deeply affected my earlier verdicts on the matter. I’ve now found the whole thing to be concerning and quite unsettling… Not unlike that ikek. that one simply can not relieve on one’s own… But that’s only one minor side. I also found it to be intriguing and oddly invigorating…

    Isti … listen to the files and this related book (covers much of the same ideas…highly recommended) and please let me know if it grabs you in any way that you can put to words…

    Oh and…

    “and ye, madness ensued outside of the mind….whomp whomp…”

    If there is more than a slight seriousness in that line… perhaps a bit of reservation based on such fears… then tpeace you are just the sort of audience that Alan Watts’ remarkable articulation will truly take to task! If this is the case….I forsee an intellectual spanking!… RAWR! Don the leather and don’t forget the fishnets… guaranteed fun! LOL


  5. Woy te’amir!… YeTewat birhan yemiysayen gud…

    Tpeace (and others) I sincerely apologize for the last four or five lines in the post above… I see it now and it seems just senseless/weird/disturbing in addition to being offensive to any woman… YiQirta… no idea where it came from… :-o

    I would delete it if I could but I can’t…

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