United States of Immigrants

ain’t it funny? :)

wait on this line if you can afford a quick identity adjustment aka ‘plasticsurgeryvilleUSI’

…if you prefer to survive an extended period of gruesome metamorphosis, this other track is for you. oh poor u, ain’t u waitin’ to be a butterfly while u exist many years as a caterpillar?

all else fails? u got our buddy Obama!…he’s gonna talk u into some nice makeovers ;)

change we can believe in!

or u’re out!

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3 thoughts on “United States of Immigrants

  1. Immigratie, Immigratie…

    I know a guy who has this hard-boiled, unsentimental…what could be called a reptilian view of the world… In the recent past (10 years) he has efficiently concluded three projects with similar mission statements – hauling his ass across the globe in as legal a way as possible…

    Married 3 women during this time – all from countries deemed highly attractive judging by immigration rates… and all for the same reason – immigration. That and only that. Yup these are serious ‘projects’ … Wouldn’t be surprised if there are Gantt Charts and cost-benefit analyses involved…

    Needless to say, he’s definitely not from a country any sane honest person would judge to be ‘attractive’…

    For the sort with his outlook (or others who might be desperate enough) it seems to work very well…

    P.S. – chart fails to mention the many other curious categories towards attaining legal residence in the US… like that “investor” category… just dug up this article I read some months back… Interesting eh? at least for the very few people in the world who can put it to practice…. (But I’m sure those ‘few’ are steadily becoming a lot – as various transient booms are lifting some to giddy heights of wealth… I mean it’s enough to look at how well some have done in Ethiopia recently… it boggles the mind to think of the money increasing numbers of people are making in India and almost the whole of East Asia…. EB-5 visas are definitely within easy reach for these folks)

  2. ” I mean it’s enough to look at how well some have done in Ethiopia recently”

    this certainly needs clarification:

    Of course, by ‘some’, I mean ijg ijig beTam extremely small number of individuals out of the estimated 80,000,000 souls existing within our borders…

    :-)… Didn’t want to creat a misunderstanding. I’m one of those who promptly turns away from all that talk about an imminent, dead-sure ‘rising tide’ coming to lift all Ethiopians’ boats any time soon…
    I’ve always found that a heartless, demonic argument…far from any ‘message of hope’… “hod siyawQ…” indemilut newe…

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