small x small (tnishbe’tnish): about

Welcome to the thoughtbox (yehasab s3nduQ)

senduQ is my way to air out ideas, to open the box, free silence and Speak Out!

x short…(be’aChiru): I am a twentysomething ethio-african female in the U.S. who dabbles in creative writing, reading & thought.trails on identity, justice, nostalgia, peace, immigration, culture, nation More than the issues, senduQ sprinkles bouts of madness and expression!

As a friend once said: “Never get opinions and keep them private. Put them out there, for your own sake, and the world’s. You get different perspectives and you end up learning exponentially.”…So, if interested in speaking out by submitting peaces to the senduQ: email!

storytelling, prose and poetry are the chosen languages in senduQ, because primarily senduQ is about I.dentity and ‘political’ mumbo-jumbo distracts from genuine human experiences…

A quick quotation:
“I wanted to be you. Better. More.
Until I learned I was not alone.
Each of us is a masterpiece.
Be yourself.
Aspire, Dream, Create. ”

x wide…(be’Sefiw), Ze personal rendition:

‘In a world where solitary identities and common consciousness mix, mesh and stew in the cauldron; travels have taken me from a blissfully uncontradictory Ethiopian consciousness into the mesh and mix that tweaks my current consciousness – few years within picture perfect redbrick academia walls. Walls within which I have built companionship with my inner contradictions

@ the start 08.05.07

The identity meter radiates out from a land within the groove of the African horn …

  • IDmeter – passionately ethiofrican.
  • chillpillmeter- boo-ya! never forget to sprinkle that little bout of madness! all this blabber may just whooosh past people’s heads!
  • disclaimer: the blog maintains no liability for thoughts, ideas or madness that occur as side-effects of reading the peaces…

and now…. to kick it off with some beats.

enjoy senduq!

Ligaba, Tibebu Werkiye

Enseralen Gojjo, Bole2Harlem


4 thoughts on “small x small (tnishbe’tnish): about

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  2. right on point nolawi. was it my image, or the colorfulness of the blog? a friend once said the blog is so girly. lol another person told me the layout is like a woman’s mind…u gotta figure out its complexities first haha…anywho, i’m all woman and most times i love it! thnx for the visit, come again.

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